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Becoming Diseased: A Call to Humility

Humility is the foundation of all the other virtues hence, in the soul in which this virtue does not exist there cannot be any other virtue except in mere appearance. -St. Augustine

I doubt there can be anything more sickening than to see yourself and those you love infected with the disease of pride. Lately, I have begun to see myself and many of those around me for our lack of humility. There…

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O shallow, shallow man.
So blind to unfolding beauty.
Why settle you for such fleeting things?
You seek the eternal beauty, unchanging and full of mirth,
Yet gorge on lackluster deception.
O world, is there hope of ever seeing the truth?
That all that is fair is not all that it promises to be.
That beauty as desired by the souls of men
Is meaner and meeker and yet
Is more than promised, rather…

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“Isn’t It Enough?” : A Christian Economics of Pain

Somehow, as I grew older, I began to believe that my life would reflect some sort of karma where x amount of pain would equal x amount of pleasure, perpetuating an equilibrium where suffering and satisfaction were a zero sum game. I began to believe I deserved a fixed amount of joy in return for my suffering.

However, recently, I realized that my view of the circumstances that constitute my life…

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Friendship & the Cult of “Me”

With greater accessibility (read: social media) comes greater expectations. The lines have blurred between distance and intimacy. And with this, a wave of confusion. The pressure to “keep up” with friends of a certain time and place is heightened. Questions don’t necessarily include “How can I be a friend?” but “Do I need to be a friend?”

In the midst of this chaos is the echoing chasm of…

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“The idea [of the parlor] was to create an elevated environment where people could cultivate delicate sensibilities and higher interests.” David Brooks in Bobos in Paradise

It was with smiling recognition that I reflected on my father’s very specific use…

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Three young women in my life are currently experiencing differing levels of brokenness, alienation, and hurt as a result of past relationships, which prompts me to consider what the road to wholeness and healing might look like for all of us whose moments…

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Bumbling, backward, and what might be worse.
Simple, sweet, and close to the land.
What always reared its head as simplistic and unimportant
Now shines as true and the apex of meaning.

The South.
Iconic, idyllic, and insidious.
Seeping into the marrow by…

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I’ve been struck by something.

As I’ve reflected on the birth of the Christian religion, it has dawned on me that Jesus and his followers were immense failures. I’m not talking about their relative unimportance, but rather, what seems to be their failure…

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As Spring seems to finally be pressing itself into the city with its warmth and transcendence, my soul seems to be expanding with the buds which push themselves up from the dirt. New birth.

As the city begins to come alive as if for the first time, I can…

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On Brunch: Restorer of Humanity

I once somewhat facetiously told an interviewer my love affair with brunch by confidently…

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